A day in the life of DevOps Consultant Vincent


Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Vincent Verweij, DevOps Consultant at CloudFuel. I’m the person they come to find when all kinds of DevOps related applications, such as GitHub or Azure DevOps, need to be built or implemented at our clients’ environments. When clients choose to use different tools (GitLab, for example), I guide them in those processes as well.

My days are filled with setting up pipelines that ensure that the client’s code will be brought to the cloud as soon as possible, using CI/CD. I also illustrate the usefulness of certain Azure Services to our clients, and I explain how to use them in CI/CD. Finally, I conduct workshops (on the use of tools, like Azure DevOps), I set up Azure Services with the help of IAC-tooling (Terraform and Bicep), and I help different teams reflect on the management of DevOps tools.

What I enjoy most about my job, is the fact that I get to work with modern technologies (think about Azure Kubernetes Services or GitHub) in a serverless environment. I consider setting up IACs incredibly satisfying because it guarantees that everything can be rolled out in a quick and structured manner. Often times, we’re talking about multiple environments, such as Dev-, testing- and product environments.

This job and industry require you to continuously stay up to date on all novelties and innovations that are being announced rapidly. That’s certainly a challenge; you need to be able to introduce the latest trends to clients at the exact right time. Sometimes it’s the other way round and clients ask for a different proposal, outside of the Microsoft Services-world. They expect you to support them in the tool or technology of their choosing, so you need to be open to new opportunities and dare to push your limits.

I find that I receive a lot of support from CloudFuel, if only because they frequently offer trainings. You’re allowed to invest time in those during working hours, so you can complete projects to your satisfaction and obtain certificates. Whenever you have a question, your colleagues are eager to help you if they know more about the topic you’re struggling with. You constantly feel like you’re growing along with both the team and the company: that’s what makes this job worthwhile to me!

Do you think this kind of job would be just the thing for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d love to get to know you!