Every journey has a destination. Where is your organisation heading?

Every organisation is unique, which is why we have tailored our four main services into three  journeys based on your current situation and future goals. From an initial assessment of your current application landscape to making sure your brand new architecture is monitored and maintained, CloudFuel is your partner of choice when it comes to starting – or finishing – your journey into the cloud.

Every journey must come to an end, which is why an important part of our mission is to coach your development team, whether internal or external, so they can get the most out of your newly modernised cloud applications.

Step by step

Design Coaching
Development Coaching

Asses Journey

Assessment Design Coaching

As the name implies, our Assess journey is mainly aimed at organisations that want to assess their current situation and are looking for a solid plan to bring their application stack to the next level. 

Starting from an assessment of a single application, we review the current state of your application stack and use that as fuel to analyse and identify possible scenarios for application modernisation. In the Design coaching phase, we then perform a thorough cost analysis and optimisation, and define an ideal architecture and clear modernisation path. With this information in hand, your developers have all the ammunition they need to bring your application (further) into the cloud!

Coach Journey

Assessment Design Coaching Dev. Coaching

Our Coach Journey was designed to take things one step further. Starting once again from an assessment and design coaching phase, where we define an ideal architecture and modernisation path, we then also include a development coaching phase to guide your developers through your application modernisation journey.

From introducing Azure DevOps techniques to cloud-native application development, our CloudFuel experts not only serve as seasoned guides and advisors, but also coach your development team on how to best take advantage of all the exciting features that Azure has to offer.

Care Journey

Assessment Design Coaching Dev. Coaching Control

Our Care Journey is designed for organisations that want total peace of mind in their application modernisation journey. We start once more from the initial assessment and design coaching where we analyse your entire application stack and define a modernisation path. Just like the previous journey, we then follow up with a development coaching phase where we coach your development teams to take full advantage of the many features Azure Cloud has to offer.

Where our Care Journey differs is that we then follow up with our Control phase, where we become responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of your application. This means our CloudFuel experts collaborate even more closely with your developers, effectively transforming your applications in a co-creation mode.